About MARC Foundation

MARC Foundation, a CSR initiative of Nirmal Energy Limited, is germinated from the philanthropic sense and belief of caring people who want equal value and trauma less life in god gifted life. MARC – Madhu and Rajni Care Foundation is the name that reflects the true nature of its philosophy. The trust that care, the charity that sublime is our mute proclamation.

MARC Foundation, a not for profit organization and registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 with registration no. E/20056/AHMEDABAD in the year 2012, is promoting and sponsoring education for the underprivileged both through formal and non-formal means of education system.

The Foundation is also organising various events to create scientific awareness to reduce pollution and to save environment.

The Foundation is extending medical facilities to the needy families and the Foundation is also helping other organizations for sustainable development of the society.

Madhu Sir
Rajni Mam



I am thankful to MARC FOUNDATION, as I have found all the support and help to get recovered from the illness. Foundation has provided not just money but also personal touch to my life.